Our work teams are most effective in production, fulfillment and assembly situations. Here’s what some of our Rochester area customers have to say about IPS and its refugee workers!

“We’ve found the workers from IPS to be outstanding. Very polite, ready to work and diligent at what they are assigned. They take instruction well and help each other out in terms of mutual support and explanation. We enjoy them and they enjoy us. The IPS staff is quick to respond to our needs and make adjustments in staff as we need it. It certainly helps us manage our workload without complicating our payroll.”

– Jeff Mosca, Plant Manager, Spinergy

““We have been using our refugee team at Rochester Refugee/International Products and Services for 4 years to help us with our seasonal ramp up. The workers are pleasant and cooperative, are well liked by permanent staff and serve us in a variety of positions. With a team leader explaining operations we are able to move members of the refugee team into different functions which gives us added flexibility. We are glad to continue this relationship.”

– Matthew Strathearn, Production Supervisor, VWR Scientific.

“At Ward’s Science we help teachers inspire students to explore the world with science education products and specimens. At our Rochester facility we prepare an array of natural specimens, create science educational materials kits to support lesson plans, and operate a warehouse and fulfillment center. Since 2012, Rochester Refugee Resettlement (IPS) has assisted us in filling temporary and full-time positions at our distribution center. As our business has evolved, the team at Rochester Refugee Resettlement (IPS) has tailored their support to ensure they continue to meet our needs. The employees are reliable, eager to learn and ready to accomplish any task assigned.”

– Doug Brooks, Director, Production and Warehouse Operations, Wards Science