Our Workers


phot of IPS workerOur workers come from all points of the globe. They have fled their native country and have had life threatening experiences for themselves and their families. They have come to America as part of the United Nations plan to help resettle some of the millions who have been displaced by war and terrorism.

photo of IPS workerOur workers come with no sense of entitlement; rather they come to America with a hope for their children and family’s success through hard work, just as the waves of immigrants have done for the last 300 years.

photo of IPS workerSome of our workers come with great skills and experience. They may have been forced to leave their homes because of political upheaval and may even have been in positions of prominence. Some have worked as refugees learning skills overseas that are useful here. IPS tries to keep complete resumés on file for all of our employees so that we can best place them for the mutual benefit of both employer and employee.